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Plagiarism Policy

Research Reinforcement Journal aims at publishing original thoughts and perspectives of authors in various disciplines of arts, social sciences, commerce, law, management etc. Since the inception of the journal, we have always strived to maintain research ethics in publication of articles and research papers. RRJ has always followed healthy practices by peer- reviewing of the submitted articles to avoid plagiarism and thereby informing the writers / authors of any practice, deemed unhealthy by the peer-review board. The author send manuscript along with an undertaking to the effect that research paper and its findings are original and the work is not submitted elsewhere for publication.

We at RRJ maintain transparency in review process and the plagiarism check of the authors’ work. If any article is not cleared in plagiarism analysis process and found to have plagiarized content more than 10% then the author will be asked to revise it accordingly otherwise the paper will not be considered for publication. RRJ has licensed plagiarism software to deal with duplicity or malpractice at pre-publication phase. The editors, review board members make sure at every step of publication that plagiarism has been checked.

In our guidelines to the authors, which is circulated biannually along with request for submissions, we inform authors about our strict stress on originality of ideas and writings. We at RRJ, therefore strongly advocate and advice writers/ authors/ thinkers to be alert, produce and submit original research articles and papers.