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Review Process

Many factors are taken into account while reviewing and evaluating papers, ranging from qualitative to quantitative. While publishing paper, the journal’s basic publishing standards, its editorial content, the international diversity of its authors and the citation methods are all considered. All manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor and then forwarded to two referees for blind review. Each Manuscript shall be sent to two expert reviewers whose opinion shall decide the acceptance/ rejection of the same. Acceptance of any manuscript shall be based on the aptness of the title, relevance, and research element in the content and contribution of the research work on wider scale. The Guidelines for the authors provided on the website will help and ensure correct submission of papers and reduce the possibilities of ambiguity. Within a period of two to three weeks, the contributors will be informed about the acceptance/rejection/revision of manuscripts. Papers accepted would be edited for uniformity, consistency, style, grammar and format.